Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

no pork

this is absolutely hilarious!

have a great weekend

Friday, January 18, 2008

long live king kev!

the messiah has returned for the third time!

i couldn't believe it when i read the news, kevin keegan is going back to manage newcastle!

the year was 1996, my beloved geordies were leading the scum utd by 12 points in the premiership but we threw it away...

that was the closest us long suffering newcastle fans have ever been to tasting any success for decades, and we let it slip through our fingers. i still remember the epic 4-3 defeats to liverpool, the gung ho attacking philosophy of just-score-more-than-them-football, it was both great and sad being a newcastle fan

now that king kev is back, will it bring back the glory days? its still too early to judge, but at least we know he will put out a team that attacks, i'd rather lose 4-3 then go down 1-0! in any sense, we could lead by 4 goals and let in 3!

and yet the gulf between the top 4 and the rest of the league is too far that it's virtualy impossible for any team outside the top 4 to win the premiership! being a newcastle manager has been like a curse, look at how many managers we have lost in the last 11 years.

let the most important thing is win the crowd (kinda like the gladiator) and you will keep your job. just win one trophy, ANY trophy and you can keep you job longer

king kev is back, and i love it!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

blueberry pies, self rolled cigarettes and sobriety chips

so i finally watched my blueberry nights with jasmine, karlindi and steven

so what do i think about the movie? just like the blueberry pie, i think its great to have a slice or two of wong kar wai's movie every now and then, and it does go well with ice cream...

i've always been a fan, i think i watch most of all his movies, except fallen angels. looking at the great cast kar wai had with this movie, i thought i should support his first english movie and i was not disappointed

i think kar wai maintained his usual great cinematography and use of colors and frames. anyone who has watched his earlier films would feel well at ease, sorta like meeting and old friend and know exactly what to expect from his stories of the past

the first impression that the movie was strangely similar to chungking express. it had a diner/cafe, a regular that kept ordering the same food, the same philosophy about life and food, a heroine who wanted to go somewhere far away leaving the hero grasping at thin air all of a sudden...

even the characters name and occupation come from his old movies. a cop (tony leung in chungking express), sue lynn (maggie cheung in in the mood for love), a singer in real life playing the heroine (faye wong in chungking express)...

at the end of the show, his fans would think it was a rojak of all his previous movie and would be fun to identify all the character. for those who are new to wong kar wai, i think my blueberry nights would be a great intro his movies

essentially, all kar wai's movies are centered along the relationships between people, don't let the beautiful screen shots fool you...

in the movie, norah jones said "she took the longest way to cross the street", having unable to let go of her old love. are we all taking the longest way to cross the street?

Friday, January 11, 2008

friday nite

since a dinner plan did not go thru, i decided to cook my own meal. yes, i'm ashamed to admit but its been too long since i really did cook. it's just too convenient here to just takeway food or eat outside, which could really explain my round face and even rounder belly...

so i thought, lets cook some easy pasta. went down to the nearby super market and bought some spaghetti, mushrooms, bacon, baby corn (they were on sale), mushroom cream sauce, olive oil, and a garlic. i reached home, poured myself a glass of asahi super dry beer (just like they do on the TV, but i ran out of wine) and just started cooking.

it was alot of work, but i was happy with the result. it was a tad too salty with the bacon and probably a little bit too much sauce, which happens when you don't cook too often...

so there i was eating my own home cook meal and watching discovery travel and adventure. i saw the take home chef, which is kinda cool. basically this guy approaches women shopping for groceries and then offers to follow them back and cook for them.

what followed later was nigella feast, and i must admit, i was glued to the tv. i remembered watching her on tv many years ago and i was instantly hooked. apart from her very well endowed upper body, she is so sexy! the way she describes her food, using words like luscious, beautiful, huge, colorful, fresh, with her posh british accent, really does it for me. i wonder if she is so talkative in bed?....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

sex and politics

so what do you know, 2008 started with a bang (pardon the pun) in Malaysia

our health minister, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down, having sex with a "personal friend" in a sex DVD. He promptly resigned from all his posts today

having seen the worst of the worst politicians squirm and hang on to their posts through major scandals, i must salute Dr Chua, at least there is someone in the Abdullah administration that has BALLS (in every sense), to own up and resign

there are some interesting lessons to be learned from this episode however

dr chua said : "My biggest mistake was that I stayed in the hotel and in the same room for convenience. Next time, when you stay in a hotel, good luck to you."

lesson : if you gonna have an affair, always go to a different hotel, and don't be predictable

dr chua said:" Well, after I made the confession, I hoped Malaysians would be able to accept my apology. But unfortunately, based on the feedback that I have received, I observed that Malaysians were unable to do that. Some Malaysians can be said to be “holier than thou”." what a load of crap!

its not that most malaysians are "holier than thou", its because the subject of the matter is the Health Minister of Malaysia! if it were any 61 year old uncle having sex with a 30+ year old women in some luxury hotel in batu pahat , do you think anyone would give a shit? it's because as a political leader, you have lost your credibility, and credibility is all that matters. would you vote for a roving, randy 61 year old? come to think of it, we have some political leaders who have NEGATIVE credibility, and yet they are still hanging around. tough luck, dr chua

lesson : when caught out, do what any malaysian politician would do, DENY EVERYTHING. he could have just resigned and cited health problems and nobody would know. i guess his plan backfired, he probably taught he could own up and still hang on his posts, fat hopes!

it could well be that this was a trap set up by dr chua's political enemies. i have not viewed the video (nor do i have an interest in watching a 61-year-old doing the dirty deed), but it has been suggested that the "personal friend" was more like a "pay-me-money-i'll-be-your-friend-tonight" kinda friend. and consider the timing of the dvd release, just ahead of the malaysian general election, something does SMELL FISHY eh?

lesson: the good old keep you friends close, keep your enemies closer.

sex and politics has always been a potent mix, one invariably leads to the other and most of the time leads to the downfall as well

p/s. i wonder if Dr Chua used a condom, if he did, at least he could say that he was promoting safe sex!